Chin-strap for M35 helmet aged

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Chin-strap with aluminum parts to German helmet M35. It is made to complete a set of original helmet of a museum copy. Waxed linen thread is used. The flesh-colored skin of which the strap is made was aged to look like the original.

Made exclusively for the shop "Replika"! Very similar to the originals.

The original straps with these stamps, the drawing of the stamps, and what do such plates with a stamp look like, are shown below.

We offer such straps with the stamps of Wilhelm Eilers jr. Bielefeld 1936 и FRANZ BREHME 1938. Both are an exact copies of the original stamps, such stamps actually existed and are found in collections.

The stamp must be selected before ordering next to the "Add to cart" button. If some option is not there, then such ones are currently sold out.

How to install the strap correctly?

Before installation, the leather should be wetted in those places where it wil be bent. Release the short ends of the strap from the pegs, insert them into the eyelets of the helmet liner and close them again on the pegs. The short part with the buckle should be on the left when the helmet is worn. As a rule, the short ends were bent with the light side out, but it happened that they were also bent with the black side out.

Historical reference.

Until 1940, all the accessories in German equipment were made of a special aluminum alloy (Al-Mg-Si) — light and durable; products made of it did not bend or break.

They switched to steel fittings from 1940 in order to save aluminum for the aviation industry, etc. "Pre-war" straps were installed on helmets produced (or repaired) after 1940 until they ran out in warehouses.