Gymnastiorka (enlisted men) USSR 1943-69

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Sold without insignia of rank (without shoulder straps). Buttons for shoulder straps may be present or not (please check before ordering, it depends on the batch). You can find it out before buying, we do not make a mark-up or discount for their presence/absence.

Fabric is specially made for Soviet WW2 items: cotton "diagonal", khaki colour. It's very nice replica of original fabric. We use no glossy, sinthetic or modern fabrics! Only correct colour and texture! Qualitative tailoring.

Buttons and threads colour may differ from pictures (depends on the batch) but remain within historical correspondence.

How to choose size?

You need to take a shirt that suits you well (you may take an office shirt). The correct size of the shirt when the sleeve seam is located at the shoulder end (and not down to arm). You need to measure the distance between the sleeve seams along the shoulder seam and behind the neck. Then choose the size of the tunic in the table below. Measurements in centimeters, divide to 2,54 to get inches.

Russian sizeBetween shoulders, cmBetween shoulders, inches

The width of the shirt at the waist is always bigger than the shoulders, it is sewn as a loose shirt, "bell". The girth of the neck depends on the size. Sleeves length can vary depends on height. Typically, shirts up to size 50 are for 170 cm height, and sizes over 50 are for 180-185 cm. You can specify the neck girth and the length of the sleeves of the shirt you're going to buy if contact our store in any way before purchase.

Historical reference.

"Gymnastiorka" model 1943 is the uniform of Victory. Battle of Kursk was won, the enemy was ousted from the USSR territory and Berlin was taken in this uniform. The main disctintion is the stand-up collar. It's not very comfortable, but it was made in order to protect body from soil that falls down during artillery attacs. Turn-down collar on previous model had been worn through because of it. Fabric was poor quality cotton, and some valid uniform could have improper collar. New stand-up collar looked well when worn.