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This product is intended for military-historical reenactment (immersive study of history); for creating costumes for theatrical and film, video plays condemning Nazism and fascism; as well as for exhibiting in museums of military history. This product is not propaganda of ideas and criminals convicted by an International Military Tribunal, and should not be used for such a purpose! The photos have been edited in accordance with the requirements of the law.

Great copy of the identity card of the German Red Cross (German: Verwendungsbuch Deutsches Rotes Kreuz). Blue tint cover with red cross symbols, 24 pages, correct shades of paper color.

This is the early version of the 1939 document with additional tabs on pages 20-23 that were applied after 1941.

In 1938, the German Red Cross (DRK) came under the control of the Social Welfare Organization of the Ministry of the Interior (Reichsministerium des Innern, RMI). After that, a new DRK certificate was introduced, which was issued to both men and women. In 1941, the cover and pages 20-23 were changed, and additional inserts with updated pages were introduced for earlier versions of the document.

We offer the 1939 pattern document with two 1941 pattern tabs.

Price for 1 certificate.

The DRK certificate (Verwendungsbuch DRK) is one of the standard documents in the Third Reich, which was used both for identifying employees and for keeping records. The following information was entered into it:

  • Service rules.
  • Personal data, time and place of admission to the service.
  • The home address of the employee and the address of his relatives.
  • Place of service.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Information about hospitalization.
  • Transfers, business trips.
  • Material allowance.
  • Amount of allowance.
  • Vacation details.