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The copy of German WW2 bread bag. Made of tarpaulin of dark olive color, steel fittings, covered with gray paint. The leather details are sewn on by hand. No manufacturer's marks. This model has been produced since 1940.

Price for 1 bag. Other items that can be seen in the photos are given for understanding the color and size of the product, are not included in the price of this product, but are sold as separate products on our website.

Historical reference.

A bread bag was worn over the right thigh attached to the waist belt with two loops. In the upper corners of the bag, D-shaped rings were sewn on the outside, to which a flask and a bowler were attached, which were tightly fastened to the bag with straps for leather loops on the lid of the bag. On the back of the bag, two smaller D-rings for the shoulder strap.

Inside the bag there was an emergency supply of food, cutlery, a can for fats, a washing and shaving kits, a sewing kit, tablets for kindling a fire and other personal items. Many of these items you can buy in our online store "Replica".

At first, the bags were field gray, the fastening loops were reinforced with leather inserts, which were removed at the beginning of the war to simplify production. At the same time, different shades of bags appeared from olive green to gray (at the end of the war), brown and bronze. From the middle of the war they began to produce tropical bread bags, which were sewn entirely from reed-green canvas, with braid instead of leather details.

In November 1944, in order to save materials and improve: the usual canvas belt loops were introduced, which were sewn on, not fastened. Leather parts were replaced with braid. But there was a pocket for a kit for cleaning the carbine.

Wehrmacht bread bags early (left), mid-war standard and tropical model (center) and simplified end-of-war model (right).

German soldier with a bread bag.