Gasmask canister box

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A copy of the German gas mask canister ("Büchse" — box) in "feldgrau" green paint with stamps for year 1941. At the bottom is the letter D (which means "dichtung" — seal; such a letter had tanks made in the early 1940s and designed to carry a sealing gasket so that the tank was waterproof). Manufacturer stamp is inside on the cover of the compartment for anti-fog lenses. This compartment has a spring inside. Proportions and details of the tank are transmitted very well.

Among the shortcomings we can call the absence of a metal damping liner inside. The liner was intended to filter of the gas mask tightly entered the tank, not dangling. All impacts would be absorbed by this springy metal liner. However, it can also be absent on original combat cans and does not affect the appearance. Straps are made not bad and suitable for reenactment. They copy the original well, but are not a museum copy. It is also worth saying that the copy cans are softer than the originals.

It's a sturdy, nice-looking gas-can, suitable for use in reenactment. Proportions and details of the tank are copied very well.