Original stake/peg for German shelter-quarter/Zeltbahn

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Original stakes for the German cape-tent or Zeltbahn, model 1892. The exact production date is unknown. Suitable for WW1 and WW2 reenactment. However before and during World War II other models of pegs from different materials appeared.

These stakes made of wood with metal blued tips, fastened with nails. At the blunt end is a screwed in pin for the rope of the tent.

See the tab "Historical reference" on the history of this item and its variants.

We have thin pegs (wooden detail 20x13 mm in cross section, total length of the peg 27-27.5 cm) and thick pegs (wood 22x17 mm, length 27 cm). German pegs were usually “thin”, but the thick ones have only minor difference (try to distinguish them in the photo) and, perhaps, were also used by the Germans...

The tent set usually included 2 stakes, 1 part of the pole and a rope. Price for one stake.

Historical reference.

Different types of German tent stakes (along with poles, accessory case and the tent). The tips of the pegs from left to right: prewar wooden, steel from the time of the WWI (later they were made of aluminum), steel from the time of WWII, wooden (soaked in resin). Pictures from gerhard03.blog61.fc2.com

An example of the accessory set for 1 shelter-quarter or Zeltbahn (without a bag): 2 pre-war pegs, one part of the stand and a rope. Pictures from fjm44.com