Rope for Zeltbahn tent installation

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A rope for setting up a German cape-tent or Zeltbahn (literally means “tent linen” from the German, but better “part of the tent”, because the German cape-tent was a ¼ of pyramidal tent for 4 people).

See the tab "Historical reference" on the history of this garment and its variants.

The tent rope is made specially for our shop from a 4 mm thick cord with antibacterial impregnation. There are woven loops at the ends (the "cable twist", when the end of a rope is woven into itself and is held stronger than a regular knot due to numerous friction surfaces). Length of the rope is about 2 meters. The rope is ready for use.

Historical reference.

A rope about 2 meters long with loops at the ends was is set with each Zeltbahn cape-tent.

Original rope Zeltleine 92 for German Zeltbahn. Picture from

The rope was part of a set, which, besides it, included pegs and stands (sometimes in a special bag Zeltzubehörtasche). One set contained 1 rope, 1 part of the rack (pole) and 2 stakes. The stakes could be of different models: wooden with metal knobs (from First World War era) or aluminum (Zeltpflöcke 29 were produced until 1940), steel (1940-1945) or wooden, impregnated with resin. The Zeltstock 01 pole was 37 cm long.

From left to right: bag, stakes WW1, stakes WW2, poles, rope. Picture from

The rope was necessary when arranging a shelter of 1-2 Zeltbahn sections to hold the top. When arranging a shelter of 4 or more Zelts, the rope usually supported the entrance-visor.


Use the tent rope. Pictures from the original Zeltbahn manual.