Loop for Zeltbahn stake peg

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Loops for stakes of the German cape-tent or Zeltbahn (for samples that have a hole for the rope). Stakes always had rope loops and were included with the cape-tent set.

See the tab "Historical reference" on the history of this item and its variants.

The loop is a piece of rope of the desired length. Thread it into the hole in the peg and tie it in a knot. Made specially for our shop from a 4 mm thick cord with antibacterial impregnation.

Price for one loop for 1 stake. No stakes included.

Historical reference.

Rope loops made it easier to pull the stakes out of the ground.

Different types of German tent stakes (along with poles, accessory case and the tent). The tips of the pegs. Pictures from gerhard03.blog61.fc2.com

The ropes were from different materials, but the most popular impregnated jute rope of light beige colour.

A peg made of steel with zinc coating weighs almost 130 g. There are marks of 16 and 17 (years). Pictures from gerhard03.blog61.fc2.com

The aluminum peg of the 1929 model and the steel one (since 1940) 25.5 cm long, and also the wooden (impregnated) 25 cm. Pictures from gerhard03.blog61.fc2.com и mp44.nl