Hook carabine for German bread bag strap

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Steel hook to the shoulder strap of a German breadbag 1931. Flat spring carabiner. Original, stock storage. It is covered with matte gray paint (Stumpfgrau), the standard for steel fittings of the German army.

Historical reference.

The shoulder strap was an indispensable part of the bread bag. It was not used in battle (since the breadbag was hanging on the waist belt in the order of assault or camping equipment). With this order, the strap was stored inside the bag, sometimes (at the beginning of the war) the soldiers hooked it on a helmet in a special way to hold the grass as camouflage.

Outside of combat order (without a waist belt), the shoulder strap was necessary to carry the bag. It was especially useful to prisoners of war, whom a helmet and a belt were usually taken from, as the main parts of combat equipment.

Until 1940, these hooks were aluminum, and then steel.

The photos of the original crack bag, strap and hook on it were taken from mp44.eu, we recommend it for studying German equipment.