Carrier (frog) for Mauser brown with a tab

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Leather hanger for the bayonet of the German Mauser 98k carbine of brown (copper) color. Made of natural color leather with smooth side inside (feature of making most of the German equipment). Neatly assembled and chopped off, nothing sticks out, factory quality. Well painted edges of the skin. Aluminum hardware.

It is enough copies on the market, but many of them have mistakes. For example skin of wrong color is used (black on both sides or dark brown), not appropriate thread, bad quality rivets, etc. We have taken into account the mistakes of competitors and made a copy that is the clothest to the original.

Manufacturer's stamp may differ from that in the photo. Do not hesitate to ask, we can always take a picture of your item before selling.

Historical reference.

The distribution of the model with the tab started, when it became clear that soldiers often lose their bayonets (the leather carrier kinked at its narrowest part, and the bayonet fell out under its own weight). Later the frogs with the tab become standart.

Brown equipment is common for cavalry or air units (paratroopers, anti-aircraft etc.).