Peg to the pistol holster Nagant RKKA USSR

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Brass pegs pins to the holster for the Nagant revolver. Similar ones were used on other holsters.

We offer 2 types:
-on the holster (cover of the holster) with a convex top;
-on the pocket (pocket for cartridges, which is under the lid) the top is more flat.

The pegs come with a steel washer (the steel washer was on the originals of the 1930s). The price for 1 peg of any type together with the washer. For 1 holster, you need 2 pegs of different types.

You can choose a type next to the Add to Cart button. If some type is available, then it is sold out. We do not produce goods to order, you can only buy what is available.

Photo of the holsters taken from the forum for product illustration purposes. Holsters are not for sale, here we offer only pegs to them.