Black strap for field bottle 1931

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The 1931 model field bottle strap is made in the best traditions of pre-war German industry. Gorgeous glossy leather, aluminum hook and buckle, brand new shiny cap with pink rubber gasket. There are options for the standard infantry flask of the Heer and the SS (volume of 0.8 liters) and the jäger (mountain) flask (with a volume of 1 liter). All nuances are observed. The skin itself is vegetable-tanned, gently beige, painted black on the outside (along with cuts). Original aluminum buckle, painted black, as on earlier products. The hook is also original, a batch of these hooks was bought by us from a warehouse in Germany. On the inside of the strap is an inkmark. there is an additional piece of leather in the hook fastener (reinforcement pad), as it was on the originals.

The strap is ready to use, no additional straps are needed. To get a complete field bottle, you need this strap, the aluminium bottle itself in a felt case and an aluminum mug.

This is a strap of the highest (museum) quality, which can even be put on the original field bottle. We know that copies are cheaper - but they are worse. You yourself choose what is more important to you: the price or quality of the product.