Gaiters early, black leather

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How to choose the size?

You need to put on shoes, trousers and measure the circumference of the leg right above the boot (on top of clothes!). For measurement, a flexible meter or belt (rope) is suitable, which must be tightened as tight as you are going to wear gaiters. Gaiters are regulated by leather straps with just 3 holes.

Size is only one, for girth 28-38 cm, on the strap there are three holes for adjustment. If you really need, you may alter the buckle yourself to add or decrease the size, although this size usually fits most people.


Gaiters to German ankle-boots.The bottom of the early gaiters was reinforced with a leather stripe. Later, a model appeared with leather reinforcements in the form of a crescent at the place where the gaiters are pressed against the boots.

Steel buckles. Thick reliable tarp.

Price for a pair (set for 1 person).