Sheath for a bayonet Mauser 1884/98

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Sheath to the German Mauser 98 rifle or carbine. Good copy, neat shape. There is brass brazing, as on the originals, between the main part of the scabbard and the hook, as well as the “droplet” at the tip. The bayonet comes in softly and firmly.

The “individual” number and the name of the manufacturer are stamped on the sheath. In the period from 1937 to 1940, manufacturers of cold weapons in Germany had the right to brand the abbreviated name of their company on their products. Three-digit codes existed before, and three-letter codes appeared later. The year 1938 and the manufacturer Remscheider Hobelmesserfabrik, Josua Corts Son, Remscheid, which reduced itself to Jos, are indicated on our sheaths. Corts. Sn.

Blackened, supplied in a layer of oil.