Morel powder against lice and a comb

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Theo Morel was Hitler's personal doctor, who had a reputation as a charlatan among medical scientists. They said, he invented questionable medicines (and earned money). Among his inventions is a powder against lice called Russla (presumably from the German words of Russland + Läuse, "the Russian lice"). In the Wehrmacht, the powder was distributed, but was considered ineffective, therefore during the excavation of German long-term positions (for example, in the Kaluga region of Russia) it is often found in whole packages in scrap-heap holes. The powder has a strong, not pleasant smell.

Original powder packaging. Photo from

The product was manufactured by Milo-Werke, founded in 1942 in Olomutz (now Olomouc in the Czech Republic). The company used the material base of the MILO district (Mährische Industrie für Lebensmittel Olmütz - the Moravian food industry in Olomütz); the production of vegetable fats, soaps, oils, and laundry detergents belonging to the Heikorn Jewish family, from which the business was simply taken (confiscated). The main subject of production under the direction of Morel were vitamin and hormonal preparations. The success of the business was reinforced by the fact that many products did not need to be sold, they were forcibly distributed.

Inside our copy of the sachet is ordinary baking soda. The envelope is copied from the original.

Plastic comb, one of the most common samples at the time. Each German soldier, as a rule, had a hairstyle (long hair above the forehead line), which needed to be combed and styled (as far as possible), otherwise they looked like a washcloth. Therefore, the scallops in the army were not much less than spoons.