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Metal burner and fuel tablets are not included in the set! You only buy cardboard packaging and a paper insert.

A set of cardboard packaging for the Esbit burner and fuel. The set includes 2 cardboard boxes (for the burner and fuel tablets, respectively) and instructions for using the burner. Cartons — a modern copy, made in a print shop. The kit does not contain a burner and fuel inside! It is used for completing the exposition of household items of a German soldier, as well as in reenactment events.

The size of the burner for which the package is made, 10×7.5×2 (standard model).

Esbit is the brand name for urotropine tablets (hexamethylenetetramine). The substance itself was discovered in 1859 by Alexander Mikhailovich Butlerov, and the Swabian (German) inventor and businessman Erich Schumm came up with it as a dry fuel. He founded "Schumm" firm in 1933 and introduced dry fuel to the market under the name "Esbit" by 1936. The word Esbit is an abbreviation for the phrase "Erich Schumms Brennstoff in Tablettenform" (fuel in the form of tablets from Erich Schumm). Source:

Esbit Model 9 burners were used in the Heer. Of course, the company also produced other models. Esbit still exists: