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A copy of the sugar jar of the Dutch company Wester. Sugar of this company (as well as most goods from the market of the allies of Germany or the occupied territories) was supplied to the Reich and for the needs of the army during the war. A volume of 250 ml. The size is approximately 10×10×10.

On the jar is the inscription: "guaranteed free of glucose and any other impurities" (Gegarandeerd vrij van glucose en van ieder ander bijmengen). And also the name of the factory Wester Suikerraffinaderij Amsterdam (sugar factory Wester, Amsterdam).

The jar is suitable for preserving small items from dampness and crumpling in the field, for storing tobacco, as well as for its intended purpose — for sugar. Now you can have it during an event in sufficient quantities, without worrying about the authenticity of the packaging.

The jar is sold empty.

Historical reference.

The tradition of sugar processing has existed in Amsterdam since the late 16th century. In 1882, a large factory was founded that processed cane sugar. With the spread of sugar beet, the number of factories grew, and Wester became the largest sugar factory in the Netherlands.

Since 1910, Wester has been actively acquiring other sugar factories. A number of sugar companies have joined the Central Suiker Maatschappij. The factory closed in 1964, and in 1984 its building was demolished and built up with housing.

The Wester trademark still exists for sugar and syrup. Source:

The original jar is shown in the photo below.