Dog-tag ID disk leather case wallet

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Leather case for German dog-tag (soldier's identification disc). Skin color is natural (light beige). The skin of vegetable tanning is soft and pleasant to the body. The case is equipped with a cord for wearing around the neck. The cord must pass through the holes in the case and be tied on the tag, so the tag can be taken out from the case, but it is impossible to drop or lose it.

We only sell a case with a lace. The metal tag in the photo is shown to demonstrate the size of the cover, the dog-tag does not go with the cover, it is sold separately.

Original dog-tag cases were made by different companies for sale to soldiers of the Third Reich. People bought it at their own expense in the soldiers' stores. The tag was required to be worn around the neck; it was not allowed to put it in a pocket or wear on another part of the body. But many did not like to feel cold metal on their body (especially if the tag was steel). In addition, bacteria and viruses feel great on metal, which in rare cases could cause skin irritation. Therefore, there are many options for the original tag covers.

In the small wallet, it was also convenient to store a photo of your beloved or money, for example.

Various original covers for tokens are shown in the photo below (photos taken from the famous site of the store of original items