Hook for German waist-belt

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Hooks for German soldier waist belts. High-quality copies, we install the same hooks on belts of our own production. Pay attention to the quality stiffening ribs on our hooks. Stiffeners were present on all early hooks until the late model appeared (there were no stiffeners on it).

But in the modern copy market, unfortunately, early hooks without stiffening ribs are widespread. These are useless and simplified fakes! To get those stiffening ribs, you need serious pressing and stamping equipment, which is not available to artisans. And they save, they carve their metal crafts and simply bend. Such a copy is not suitable for reenactment.

Trust professionals, buy the right hooks here in the "Replika".

We offer hooks made of aluminum (production ceased in 1940) and steel (produced 1940-43):

• stamp of the famous company Assman (stylized A);
• the stamp in the form of a stylized letter S, the mark is on the tip will be visible after sewing;
• stamp of widely known company oLc (which still works today);
• hook with SS stamps.

All hooks are not painted. If any type of the hook cannot be selected and put into the basket, then sold out.

Historical reference.

Hooks with different stamps were produced by different firms. Below are various branding options (at the back and on the visible part of the hook). You can also see exactly the same hook with the S-stamp, which we offer. All photos are taken from real lots at Ebay auction. The S-branded hook, according to the seller, was found at the site of the former repair base in Courland (the territory of modern Latvia).