Suspenders for German pants Y-form

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Braces made from original German post-war elastics, to which we added accurate parts of leather and cord. The model corresponds to the patterns of the beginning of the XXth century. 35 mm wide elastic band, steel buckles in feldgrau paint, cord tips. On the central leather parts is manufacturer stamp.

Braces are attached to the buttons on the inside of the waist on the 1940 trousers or to straps and buttons of the 1943/44 models.

How to choose a size?

You need to put on the pants and measure from the buttons on the back of the pants over the shoulder and down to the buttons on the front of the pants (as the elastic band goes). The length of the suspender should be 10-20 cm longer than the measurement obtained. Please remember that the waist of the German pants is at the level of the lower rib, above the navel, and not on the hips, like modern jeans.

For example. You measured from button to button over your shoulder and got 89 cm. Add 10 cm (or more) as a margin and get 99 cm. Size 100 cm braces will be enough. Here it must be remembered that the length of the suspenders is measured when elastic loose at maximum (as in the figure below). To wear the buckle not at the bottom, but at chest level, you need to add 20-40 cm to the measured size.