Сuff title of the correspondent battalion officer

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High-quality copy, dense embroidery with metal thread (cold to the touch). Silver lettering SS-KB-Abt on a black background. The entire unit was called SS-Kriegsberichtung-Abteilung (war correspondent battalion). Length about 55 mm, width about 3 cm (tape is wide).

Historical reference.

SS-KB-Abt - сuff with title of a war correspondent in a specialized SS battalion, which was introduced in 1941 after the expansion of the previously formed company of war correspondents.

Initially, war correspondents in the SS wore cuffs "SS-Kriegsberichter Kp" (1940). After the expansion of the company to a battalion in 1941, the "SS-KB-Abt" ribbons were introduced, and later replaced by the "SS-Kriegsberichter" cuffs.

In December 1943, the tapes "Kurt Eggers" appeared in honor of the writer, poet, politician and SS officer Kurt Eggers, who died covering the details of the fighting of the 5th SS Viking Division.

Propaganda was of great importance in Nazi Germany, so each branch of the army had propaganda companies with journalists, photographers, cameramen and announcers. The Waffen-SS was no exception. Soldiers from such a company recorded the exploits and achievements of the military, prepared materials for radio, newspapers, magazines, posters, which helped maintain the high spirit of the German army and civil society.

Source: ru.wikipedia.org