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Dense embroidery without shaggy threads on the inside. The inscription KURLAND is woven with black thread on a light gray background. On the sides are two coats of arms. Length about 55 mm, width about 4 cm (tape is wide).

Historical reference.

Cuff tape "Kurland" (German: Ärmelband "Kurland") introduced by Adolf Hitler on March 12, 1945 specifically for the soldiers of the Army Group "Kurland" who fell into the Courland cauldron.

On January 25, 1945, Army Group North, which retreated to Kurland (western part of Latvia), was renamed Army Group Kurland, which was blocked between two Soviet fronts. The area of ​​the Courland cauldron was 15 thousand km². The number of soldiers and officers in the boiler was about 250 thousand people. It was not completely blocked from the sea and had communication with the main forces of the Wehrmacht through the ports of Liepaja and Ventspils.

Fierce fighting went on, with short breaks, until May 9, 1945, when it became known about the surrender of Germany. In no sector of the front from Tukums to Liepaja did the Soviet troops manage to advance more than a few kilometers. Later, scattered parts of the group resisted the Soviet troops in the Courland until July 1945.

Source: ru.wikipedia.org.