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How to choose the size?

Usually, German winter and camouflage clothing was made in only three sizes: small (I), medium (II) and large (III).

To measure your waist, you will need a flexible meter or at least a rope. You should compare measurements from our size chart with any pants that fit you.

• Suitable clothing size — approximate compliance with general sizes, to start with. Next, you need to check the rest of the measurements! Several sizes of clothing are included in one pants size, since winter uniforms are usually large, and the difference of 1 standard size is not noticeable.
• Waist around — the recommended bare waist circumference for the selected pants size.
• Width of the pants on the upper edge — the pants are lying flat on the floor, you measure along the back half of the pants (it is wider than the front one). You can compare it with any winter pants, but please remember: these pants do not have a waist, they are tightened at the waist with a flap. This measurement is only needed here for reference. The pants will fit almost any large waist, as they have no waistband.
•  Pant leg length at the inner seam — the length of the pant leg from the "fork" to the bottom, this is the most important size for determining the height, you need to compare with other pants that you wear. "Burdocks" at the bottom of the pants, which should lie on top of the foot, are not taken into account when measuring the length. We don't have any other height sizes!
• Pants full length — the full length of the pants along the outer seam.

Compliance is true for this product only! Divide cm to 2.54 to get inches.
SS winter pants size
General clothes size
Waist around, cm
Width of the pants
on the upper edge, cm
Pant leg length
at the inner seam, cm
Pants full length
on the side seam, cm
I46 - 50 (XS - M)76 - 9060
II52 - 54 (L - XL)91-10565
56 - 60 (2XL - 4XL)106 - 120

If you do not understand the table and you need help, write or call us, we will help you to find the size.

You can choose the size from those in the list near "Add to Cart" button. If we don't have any size in stock, you can't choose it. Perhaps it will appear later.



The pants are made according to the SS pattern from Oak Autumn camouflage fabric. Pants are covered rather sparsely in uniform studies, read the historical reference here below. The pants are sewn specially for the Replika store and from materials selected or produced by us. They are not sold or mass-produced anywhere else. The trousers were used by the SS troops only.

The fabric is cotton, durable, it has a water-repellent impregnation. Inside is the insulation of the "uniform recycling" (coarse fabric made from rests of old clothes with a high content of wool), as it was in German winter uniform. Insulation stuck to the inside fabric layer of the pants so that it does not fall down when worn. The inner shell of the pants is made of thick white fabric. The pants are double-sided, they can be worn with the white side out.

The white color of the fabric does not have a blue tint and is something between white and harsh (the color of unpainted fabric, ivory colour). Our white color repeats the shade that existed in the mid-twentieth century, when modern bleach was not yet used. Perfectly masks in the snow.

The pants have a rather complex system of straps. They hang on shoulders with the suspenders. After putting on, the back of the pants is pulled to the front by a strap with a buckle, and then the front is pulled to the back (also by straps with buckles on the sides). Legs have elastic bands that is put on directly over high- or lace-boots, and wide flaps at lower part protect shoes from snow getting inside. Lower ends are also tightened with a lace. The lace and elastic band are made of the main fabric, they are strong and durable.

The trousers have original buckles, wider legs of the "banana" shape, an insert between the legs that does not allow the pants to tear at the seamand and a diamond stitching on the winter side.

Historical reference.

The SS fur parka was designed as a uniform for polar regions, and there it was tested. The first model was shorter and had a smaller hood. It differed in some minor details too. The new model (the longer one) appeared on the front in winter 1942/43. A lot of photos of SS soldiers in this uniform taken during the fighting for Kharkov, so 2nd model parkas often called "Kharkov parka". 

Various examples of original pants. Photos from &

The things that the Germans produced in World War II were almost always experimental. Many things were done for the first time, but all the samples, if they were applicable, went into action. The Germans have introduced a lot of innovations (the mass use of camouflage is one of them). Of the rare camouflage items, winter sets in Oak Spring camouflage are known, which were released in a small batch presumably at the end of 1943 and never released again.

We managed to find a photo of the original winter pants that comes with fur parka, but in Oak Autumn camouflage, on the website, photo below. This undoubtedly unique sample inspired us to create our copy. If you have other evidence of the existence and use of such pants, we will be grateful for the information.