Organisation Todt cuff title

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High-quality copy, dense embroidery without shaggy threads on the inside. The inscription-abbreviation O. T. and between them a swastika in a circle. The abbreviation stands for Organization Todt, woven with gray thread on a dark blue background. Length about 55cm, width about 4cm.

Historical reference.

Organization Todt is a military construction organization. It is named after Fritz Todt, who headed it since 1938. The organization provided construction for the needs of the armed forces with the maximum use of mechanization, new methods, the concentration of a large number of people and funds.

At the first stage, the employees of the Todt organization did not have their own special uniform and wore mostly civilian clothes. But it was impossible to work in civilian clothes in the war zone. In this regard, from the stocks of the former Czechoslovak army, all workers were issued with an olive-colored uniform, which differed significantly from the usual German feldgrau military uniform. And over time, an armband with a swastika was introduced to this uniform.

Until November 1942, parts of the Todt organization had the status of auxiliary units of the Wehrmacht. In November 1942 the German personnel were fully equated in status with the Wehrmacht military personnel. And in the spring of 1944 the rest of the personnel (persons who were not Germans) received the same status.