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How to choose the size?

Choose socks according to your foot size, and if you do not know the size of your foot, then according to the length of the foot.

• Foot length — measure the foot: put your foot on a sheet of paper and make a mark on the thumb and the heel. The pencil should stand upright; areas of the finger or heel that do not touch the floor are also considered to be the length of the foot. The length in a straight line between these marks is the length of the foot.
• Sock length — the length of the sock along the foot when the sock is not worn.

Compliance is true for this product only!
Sock sizeEuropean shoe sizeSock lenght, cm
Foot lenght, mm
Iдо 40
22,5до 256

Divide centimeters by 2,54 to get inches. If you do not understand this table and you need help, write or call us, we will help you find the size.
You can choose a size that we have in stock. If the desired size is not available for, then it is not currently in stock.


Army wool socks, gray (not dark) colour with white stripes for size. Designed for wearing with Heer/SS leather shoes instead of footcloths. Socks are warm. 19 cm long gum, usually lowered (turned up), sometimes over a shoe.