Paint for shoes 45 ml

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Painted boots, devices for painting are not included in the price and are given to illustrate the painting process! The price is for 1 jar of paint, volume of 45 ml. We do not paint shoes to order.

1 pair of boots needs ≈200 ml (4-5 jars) to be fully dyed. Lace-boots need ≈130 ml (3 jars). To tint the shoes, 1 jar is enough.

Technology is the same as Germans in 1930-s did. They dyed ready-made shoes. Vegetable tanned skin was used for boots producing and mint boots had tan (beige, brown) colour. Put the paint with a brush layer by layer and soak leather well.

Greasing is obligatory for vegetable tanned leather before the first use, otherwise boots will crack and fall apart. You should support it as well, putting grease or oil every time after it got wet. You can use a mixture of grease and wax, melted. Heat boots over a cooker or with a torch, so grease impregnate it deeply, chocking out pores and seams. You can not heat the shoes for a long time in one place, otherwise they will be damaged. With constant movement of the burner, the shoes will warm evenly.

Attention! First dye then grease. It's hard to paint greased boots. It's better to order both options at once.

Below are pictures of dyed but not greased boots.

Step 1 of greasing is in the pictures below. Step 2 (ready and polished boots) you can see in main pictures of the listing.