SS sleeve eagle embroidery

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We offer high-quality patches made exclusively for our store. These insignia correspond to the originals, have a smooth geometry and fine details.

We offer 2 versions of the patch. Both are woven with a white (light gray) thread according to the same scheme, the pattern is absolutely the same. Only the substrate material differs: cloth (as it was in the original) or artificial felt (it is almost impossible to distinguish it from cloth). Artificial felt is more convenient when sewing and cheaper.

How to sew the patch?

Fix the patch on the left sleeve of the field jacket so it was about 15 cm from the top seam (where the shoulder strap) to the upper edge of the patch. You can fix it with a bright thread (which you can then remove) or glue. When the patch sits smoothly and beautifully, start sewing. Use a black thread, sew over the edge. Before the war, the uniform of the SS units was supplied without insignias, and the soldiers sewed it themselves or resorted to the help of tailors. During the war, the insignias were sewn on a sewing machine at the factory.