SS collar tabs billet half-stuff

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Standard collar insignia of the SS NCO (one empty, one with runes). Size (after assembly) 35 to 50 mm. BeVo technique. Сollar tabs are woven by the machine, the runes are ivory-white on a black background.

Сollar tabs are sold as shown in the photo (flat pieces of fabric). Сollar tabs are ready for assembly on the basis of linen (thin cardboard can be used, this is convenient, although historically wrong). Since the lion's share of the cost of finished collar tabs is taken by their assembly, and not by production on the weaving-loom, the purchase of a semi-finished product (not assembled collar tabs) can save a lot!

How to assemble the collar-tabs?

Detailed instructions with pictures can be found at this link.

How to sew collar tabs on?

Put a collar tab on the collar of the field jacket so that it is not less than 5 mm from the edge, and if you plan to make the unter-officer edging, then not less than 10 mm. Fix it with a bright thread (which then remove) or glue. When collar tabs sit properly, they need to be sewn with a black thread over the edge. Before the war, the SS units got their jackets without insignia, and then soldiers sew it themselves or with help of tailors. During the war, collar tabs were sewn on a machine with a straight seam along the edge, at the factory.