Cap 1943 black

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The color of the threads, cloth and lining may be slightly different from batch to batch (and from the photo), but always remains within the historical compliance. Buttons not painted (silver colour, aluminum). We can take a photo of exactly your future cap before your purchase. You can buy a cap with painted buttons cap here Cap 1943 black Replika.

The visor has a soft insert of several layers of fabric, so the cap can be put in your pocket and washed in the washing machine.

Historical reference.

The cap was the general headdress of the German soldier since 1943, almost replacing the side-cap. Eagle and cockade or a combined emblem in the form of a trapezoid (or in the form of the letter T) was worn on it.

Model 1943 cap made of black cloth was used in tank units. Concerning the SS, black caps ware also used in tank units only; no "extraordinary SS" units in black caps existed.