Cap 1943 Feldgrau 1 button Replika

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Cap produced by "Replika" in Russia. We carefully studied the original caps and created our own copy. We declare that it is the best copy of the M43 cap in the world (here it is necessary to consider that there were many variations of M43s, they were sewn on tens of the enterprises; seams, even length of the visor were a little different). At the same time our copy is very carefully sewn, the highest factory quality.

The cap has one 19-mm button on the front. This option was used mainly in the SS field units.

Visor of standard length (6-7 cm), not shortened. Insert of soft, supple and elastic material is inside that is water-resistant. The visor cannot be broken. If you bend it fully (cock), it will keep the form. But when it is then unbent, it'll be plain again almost without traces.

Some believe that there should be some cardboard in the visor, they say, it is historically correct and looks authentic. First, there was no cardboard in the originals, there were composite materials based on paper, cellophane or fabric (depends on production time and manufacturer). Second, our insert gives the cap an authentic look, and we have been searching it for a long time. The visor can be crimped or worn plane. The cap can be stuffed into a pocket without any damage to the visor. Our insert gives the same opportunities as the original, but its properties are better for the consumer.

There are nice ink stamps inside the dome of the cap: size and year of production (1943).