Polka dot neckerchief

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Original dark blue cotton fabric with white polka dots. Natural, dense, perfectly protects from the wind, pleasant to the skin.

It is made in the form of a triangle 130 × 85 × 85 cm. Such scarves were worn by soldiers of the Wehrmacht and the SS. The scarf prevents dust from getting under clothes, prevents irritation of the skin on the neck and absorbs sweat well.

Historical reference.

The fabric of the German tunic consisted of wool, and could rub (and pollute) the neck if you did not use a soft cotton collar or a shirt with a collar. Below is "Advice to Wehrmacht soldiers and SS units going to the Eastern Front".

If the neck requires hygiene, there is a way out: neck scarf.

  1. Change a jar of meat from the local population for a piece of cotton soft sheets (silk is even better! But do not be stingy, give a double portion of meat) 120×50 cm in size.
  2. Fold the neckerchief so that you get a tie of the same length and a width of about 7 cm.
  3. Then throw the scarf over your head. The short end should be in the left hand. Throw the long end over the left and return to the right.
  4. Now lift the long end with your right hand and pass it through the neck loop down. Pull up...
  5. Adjust the tension of the scarf with the left (short) end.

Ready! Now boils are not afraid of you! Don't forget to change your neckerchief daily.

Source: www.novik.3nx.ru