Headdress sizes

Use a centimeter flexible tape to determine the size.

You should measure, in order not to make a mistake!

Below is an ad from the Internet (from Kazakhstan I believe), which has long been a meme. 

"I'm selling a hat in excellent condition for a small head. I am 28 years old. It suits me fine."

Funny? But some people think the same way! For example, they believe that they had 57 in the army, that's what it should be now (but the head grows with age, you need to measure it). Others say that they have a size of 58-60 (in fact, there is a big difference between size 58 and size 60, and you need to re-measure exactly).

Find your size

A flexible meter tape (or a thin rope, thread) should be wound horizontally around the head (above the ears). The resulting length of the tape in centimeters is your size. Sizes of hats in our shop: 55, 56, 58, 59 ... 62.

Not exact result

For a head 58.7, you need to buy a headgear of size 59. And if the head is 58.3, then you need to buy a size 58. Well, if the head is 58.5 and no more and no less, then you need to decide if you want to wear tighter or looser, and buy 58 or 59, respectively.

There are no intermediate sizes in our shop. But original caps of intermediate sizes are found (for example, 57½). But half-size is such a trifle that it is pointless to operate it in practice, it is a pure advertising campaign. Firstly, soft hats stretch when they are worn on the head. Depending on the hairstyle and preferences, 2 people with exactly the same head circumference can choose adjacent (different) sizes. Secondly, a pair of cut caps (parts of exactly the same size) after assembly may finally differ by half the size. It depends on the tension of the thread, the width of the stitch, the accuracy of the assembly. After all, the difference in half size is only 1% of the head circumference!

If your size is wrong?

We offer sizes responsibly, we do not have "wrong" or "underestimated" sizes (if there are any deviations, this is clearly and noticeably indicated in the product description). Some hats come to us without sizes or with wrong sizes. It doesn’t matter to us what is written on the headgear, we offer you the actual size in cm.

We are liable for the exchange of defected items and if the product does not match the offer description. The exchange of goods through our fault will cause us costs, so we carefully check the products before placing them in a warehouse. If the buyer himself did not measure his head, and the cap size is really that is written on it, the customer can exchange it by paying for the return and new delivery. For this reason, we recommend customers to measure their heads before ordering! Do not choose the size at random ("I have somewhat between 58-60" or "I had 57 in the army").

Caps shrink

Soft hats shrink over time. This is not due to washing, not even worn hats decrease in size in some years! Therefore, if there are doubts between the two sizes, it makes sense to choose a larger size, and not a smaller one. In the end, it’s easier to make the cap smaller than to stretch it.

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