Planetree camouflage cap 1942-45

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Our copy of the SS camouflage double-sided cap is made in Russia according to the patterns developed by the Replika shop on the basis of original samples. The fabric is imported, dense cotton material, one side has green shades of spots for summer, the other has brown for autumn. The cap has the correct shape of the bottom (turned over egg). To the right and to the left there are 2 air vents treated with a thread (the metal edging of the holes was rarely found on such caps on the most recent series).

In the visor inlay is not afraid of temperature changes, does not break. It's shape-remembering, that is, the visor can be worn bended in any shape you like. Cap can be washed in a washing machine.

On the "autumn" side there is a sweat-tape, it also closes the rim of the cap. All this is sewn in a special way and in a certain sequence. On cheap copies, this tape is sewn around the perimeter, but on the original M42, as on our copy, the seam runs along the bottom edge of the cap, but not over the visor. Above the visor, the seam is laid from the inside. There are a number of tiny details that can be seen in the photo.