Ushanka hat natural white fur

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Use a centimeter flexible tape to determine the size (i.e. head circumference above the ears in centimeters). How to measure correctly, please follow the link.


Winter fur hat of the Wehrmacht model 1943. Modern production. High quality copy. Sewn like a Russian hat with earflaps, but with an oval crown. Made from cloth and natural fur. Thanks to this, the hat warms well in winter frosts.

Rabbit fur is natural, it should not to be wetted, otherwise the skin under the fur will become stiff. Hat has ties at the tips of earflaps and also a button with a loop. It is better to attach the hat to the button when folded, so it turns out more accurately. Use ties to fasten under the chin. Inside the dome there is a stamp with the name of the manufacturer and the size of the hat.

Suitable for supplementing collections, military-historical reconstruction of the uniform of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War, filming in documentaries.

The color of the threads, the lining fabric may differ slightly from batch to batch (and from what is shown in the photo), but always remains within the historical correspondence. We can take a photo of your hat on request.

Insignia and cockades for hats you can find in the appropriate section (Category) of our online store.

Historical reference.

Winter uniforms for German soldiers were actively developed due to the harsh climatic conditions on the Eastern Front. The first models were released in the fall of 1942. At the same time, the first fur hats appeared.

They were made by analogy with mountain caps, with a band and lapels made of fur, German classic Mutze with fur ears. Another variant of the hat was a "ushanka" (literally: earflap hat) of the Russian type, but with an oval crown. This is exactly what is offered here. The third type of winter hat-earflaps had a hemispherical dome sewn from segments.

Hats were made of uniform cloth and fur of various colors. Fur hats could be sewn with the standard insignia for hats or only one. Officers and non-commissioned officers could wear metal eagles and cockades, as on caps. Soldiers usually had no insignia on their earflaps.

On the Eastern Front, captured earflaps equipped with breast eagles were also popular.