Packaging for Odilei condoms

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The product kit includes 3 sachets for condoms and a cardboard box.Condoms themselves are not supplied for hygiene reasons. Condoms at that time looked the same as now.

All packaging is copied from the original and printed by typography. For use in the reenactment and for the collection, decoration of military historical stands.

The package is labeled Doppelt geprüft (double checked), SONDERPACKUNG (special packaging) and 3 Jahre Lagerfähig (3 years of stock storage is possible). The box also contains the manufacturer's name Otto Dillnger G. m. b. H., Leipzig.

On the back of the box is the following text: Achtung! Alle unter dem Namen Odilei in den Handel gebrachten Gummiwaren sind erstklassig warm vulkanislert und jahrelang lagerfähig. Verlangen Sie deshalb beim Einkauf ausdrücklich O d i l e i.
Aus ästhetischen und hygienischen Gründen wird gebeten, gebrauchte Gummischutzmittel samt ihren Verpackungen alsbald zu verbrennen, Jede andere Art ihrer Beseitigung genügt den Anforderungen des Anstandes und der öffentlichen Gesundheit nicht. (Nachdruck verboten).

Which translates as: Attention! All rubber products sold under the name Odilei are first-class, made by hot vulcanization and can be stored for many years. Therefore, when buying, ask for the O d i l e i.
For aesthetic and hygienic reasons, used rubber protective products should be immediately burned along with their packaging, any other method of disposal does not meet the requirements of decency and public health. (Reprint is prohibited).

The name of the Odile condoms themselves is most likely an abbreviation of the name and city of the manufacturer (Otto Dilner, Leipzig): O-DI-LEI, and reads in German as "odilai". It is consonant with the German feminine name Odile (Odile or Odilie).