Pair of buttons 19 mm for shoulder straps

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 The button is assembled from three parts: top, bottom and leg. Buttons are painted in a dark shade of feldgrau. Button has no manufacturer's stamp.

German uniform button made of aluminum - the copy of the 19 mm button, which was used in the Third Reich for a variety of military uniforms.

The buttons are dyed in the dark field grey. Buttons without marks. On the upper side of the button, a number (in Arabic numeral) from 1 to 9 is embossed, and 6 and 9 are different buttons (they have a dot next to the number to distinguish them). Other numbers can be ordered, but the price will be twice as high, the waiting time is 2 months.

Buttons of very high quality, made of aluminum, consist of three parts: top, bottom and stem (just like the original ones). Cheap copies are usually cast entirely from similar alloys, but not from aluminum. Our copy is almost museum quality, it will be very difficult to distinguish it from the original after aging.

Price per pair (2 buttons with the same number). Select the number on the buttons you want next to the "Add to cart" button. 

Historical reference.

Buttons with numbers were worn on uniform shoulder straps by soldiers of the lower ranks of the Wehrmacht to indicate the number of the unit to which the soldier belonged.

Roman numerals (from ''I'' to ''IV'') meant battalion.  Arabic denoted the number of the company (battery in artillery) in the regiment to which the soldier belonged.

Buttons were made of three parts. The top was 19 mm in diameter. with grained surface and convex numeral.

The officers did not wear such buttons, because they stood above the company (their shoulder buttons had a smaller diameter of 16 mm and were simple grained, without numbers).

Numbered buttons ceased production in September 1939, but continued to be worn until the end of the Second World War.


Original shoulder buttons with Arabic numerals.

Original aluminum buttons with Roman unit.