Third Reich military acceptance stamp/seal (WaA) of rubber

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Proven quality stamps. We use similar stamps by ourselves accepting goods to the warehouse.

Be careful, do not be fooled! Our stamps are made from rubber, not from a cheap disposable material that is commonly used to make office seals. The seals are designed to work with water-based inks, and quickly get out of order from other inks. And our stamps allow you to use alcohol and solvent based paints and are designed for long use.

The Waffenamt military acceptance stamp is the eagle of the Third Reich and the Wa.A. with the number of the acceptance-official. It is used by special military officials as approval stamps upon acceptance of military products. Usually in large enterprises there was a special person or group of people who checked products. Stamps were painted on grenades, shells, mines and other ammunition; ammo boxes, special equipment and a number of other things. Average size is 1x1 cm (½x½ in.).

Price for any stamp, for 1 pc. We offer the following standard stamps for making M24 and M39 grenade maquettes:

• WaA65 eagle with straight wings. The swastika is present on the stamp, but it is painted over in the picture to avoid displaying the symbols.

• Wa.A.594 eagle with round wings. The swastika is present on the stamp, but it is painted over in the picture to avoid displaying the symbols.

Attention! Each stamp of this batch has a handle with a small crack on the side. The crack is not on the stamp, but only on the handle! The crack on the handle does not affect the quality of the imprint or the convenience of holding the stamp by hand, so it is not a reason for a discount or replacement of the product.

How to use stamps?

The stamp is designed for oil or acrylic paint, which can be bought at stores for artists. The paint is applied directly from the tube on a domestic sponge, and then transferred to the stamp with this sponge. Then the stamp is leaned against the surface (or the surface against the stamp). Need some skill. In case of an error, the oil paint can be washed off without a trace with solvent No. 651 or white spirit, and the acrylic (until it is dry) is washed with water. You can train to achieve the desired result. The oil dries for 2-3 days (acrylic does usually for a day), after which the maquette can be used in reenactment or collection. You can additionally fix the result by matte varnish.

To make a stamp to order?

It is possible, but be ready to provide a layout: a vector model (file in curves). Or it will be necessary to pay us for the development of the layout from 1000₽ / $15 (if just change the information on one of our stamps). If you ask to make a layout with a unique font and/or logo, the price will be significantly higher.