Waffenamt acceptance stamp WaA 39

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Steel stamp (marker) of the Third Reich military acceptance bureau (Waffenamt, abbreviated WaA): letters WaA and the number 39 of the checking officer. Eagle wingspan 4 mm. This stamp can often found on the details of the bayonet to the Mauser carbine, for example. A stamp of military acceptance was applied to all items that were related to the weapon and its accessories. On weapons and ammunition (that is, on particularly important military items), the WaA stamp was applied to every detail, sometimes even several times.

The height of the handle (finger) is about 10 cm. To work with a blow to steel and other metals, leather, wood. Hardness according to GOST 25727-83 from 55 to 62HRC. The brand is hard-tempered, you can work on the details of weapons and tools with hardness up to 43HRC. Don't beat on hot materials (please work on normal ambient temperature materials), otherwise the stamp may be corrupted or may become mild. Check material for hardness before the work. There are special techniques for checking the material (for example, striking with another metal of a certain hardness and evaluating the result).

How to use the stamp?

Work with the stamp is extremely simple. Put the part on a solid base so that it does not spring and slide (for example, on a wide massive table, anvil, rail). Lean the stamp, make sure that it touches the surface with the entire area (otherwise the imprint will not be complete). Make one strong springing blow with a hammer onto the stamp. Never hit twice, the mark won't fall in the same place, you may get dirt! You also need to make sure that the back of the part is well pressed to the base, otherwise you can bend the part or bend the place of the impact with the blow.

The swastikas in the photo are half-erased (distorted) using a computer program. In fact, the imprints are clear in every detail.

Is it possible to order?

We can make any stamp according to your order. To do this, you will need to pay and send a sketch (or photo of the imprint + dimensions). If you need to change the size or letters, then the price remains the same. If you need to make a stamp according to the sketch or photo of the imprint, the development price will be added to the stamp price. Please write to e-mail, WhatsApp and contact in any way to order your exclusive stamp.