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Take a flexible meter or at least a rope. Make measurements as described below (using any pants that fit you well) and choose the size in the table.

Waist — the girth of the bare waist (waistline of these pants is below the navel and above the thigh, as in modern pants), the waist is tightened up to 8 cm by two tabs on the sides of the back;

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Shorts for soldiers of the German African Corps (Deutsches Afrikakorps, DAK). High-quality copy for the reenactment of the Second World War. These shorts were worn by German soldiers in North Africa during World War II.

The color is green, as it was for the new tropical uniform of the Wehrmacht. The sand-colored uniform was used by the SS and the Luftwaffe. The material is breathable durable cotton.

Can be adjusted to the waist with the built-in belt. The fly is fastened with 4 buttons plus two internal buttons. Shorts have attachments for suspenders.

Historical reference.

The African Corps (Deutsches Afrika-Korps, DAK) was a unit of the German armed forces in North Africa during the Second World War.

Osprey Publishing Elite Series № 34 "Afrikakorps 1941-43"

Source: warwall.ru