Button 17 mm 4 holes plastic for clothing

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Diameter 16-17 mm —  for pockets, shoulder straps, various straps (for example, to hold the overcoat collar in a raised position). Gorgeous quality copy of the button for winter double-sided jackets, windjackets of mountain troops, camouflage overalls of the SS, camouflage jackets of the Luftwaffe, Panzer uniforms.

Color to choose from: black or brown.

Price for 1 button.

Historical reference.

The usual metal shank-button is inconvenient to fasten with gloves and can break. And metal buttons are more expensive to manufacture; therefore, camouflage clothing often had flat buttons with holes.

The photo below shows the buttons on the Heer winter jacket in the Swamp camouflage (left) and on the SS Oakleaf camouflage overall (right). Photos from sites ratisbons.com и warrelics.eu/forum/