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Original German flat buttons "plates" with 4 holes made of metal. Such buttons were used for German uniforms during The First and Second world wars. They were sewn on camouflage blouses, shirts, pants (both cloth and HBT) and overalls of all kinds. In general this button is a classic, it can be used on any clothing.

The diameter is 17 mm. Material: zinc. The buttons are only washed (not cleaned mechanically). The condition can be seen in the photo: the surface may not be completely smooth, but there are no holes or rotten edges. A little care (with the help of a sand-paper) will dramatically improve the appearance.

The original buttons could be painted (usually gray or green), you can paint them yourself to give them a new look. Buttons made of non-ferrous metal do not deteriorate from washing, on the contrary, they are cleaned!

We offer zinc and aluminum, choose the material before ordering. If you find no metal you want there, then it is sold out.

Aluminum ones are less common and usually look better. Zinc ones are tougher. If you have high requirements, then take a little more buttons than you need to choose yourself.

Historical reference.

Four-hole buttons were used usually on clothes, when three-hole mostly for equipment.