Undercollar for German field blouse

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Undercollar for German field jackets, produced by "Replika" in Russia. Cotton fabric, the white side to the neck, dark — to the collar of the jacket. In this batch, we used two types of fabric: light green (we call it “light”) and dark marsh green (we call it “dark”). You can choose the color by the photo before buying.

A turn button is attached to the jacket with three buttons inside the gate (for different manufacturers of jackets, these buttons are sewn at different distances, and the two extreme ones will most likely have to be altered). The ends of the turn-ups are fastened open to the buttons on the jacket's chest (from the inside), and in the case of the fully collapsed (on the hook) collar of the jacket, the backing can be fastened tightly around the neck with a single button. The owner should also alter this button under the girth of his neck.

Historical reference.

Undercollar was obligatory before the war, these had been used also during the war untill shirts with collar were introduced. The undercollar protected neck from rubbing and a collar of field jacket from greasing and wear-out.