White fabric textile cut pieces for winter dress

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Items in the photo (other than the white fabric) are shown to present the actual colors and the fabric weaving. They don't come with the fabric.

White thin and dense fabric for winter camouflage robes, covers and jackets. Flaps (cuts) of the full width of the roll (1,5 meters) with a length from 10 cm to 140 cm (1,4 meters). You can choose the desired width and number of pieces. The pieces have already been cut, these are the rests from the production of winter uniforms. If you need a piece larger than 1,4 meters, please buy fabric from a roll (another product in the same categorie). The pieces are suitable for making small products (mittens, undercollars, covers, etc.). The fabric is plain weave (canvas, the threads are intertwined perpendicular). The fabric is white, but there are bright white (bluish) and dull white (yellowish) pieces. We do not choose the pieces by colour in this product! If you need a high-quality dull white fabric, you can buy it in the same section (another product). There is a sale here.

Base: 100% cotton. The width is about 1.5 m, the density (mass) is about 230-270 g/m². When burning, it turns to ash, no plastic! This fabric is not a synthetic tent and after a while under the rain it will get wet, like any natural fabric.

You choose the length of the piece next to the "Add to cart" button. The width of all is about 1.5 m. It's always easier to take a big piece and then cut it off. Therefore, large pieces are more expensive, and small ones are cheaper. Most likely, the pieces in your parcel will be slightly larger than what you have chosen.

If you want to sew something, we recommend that you find a tailor and consult with him before ordering. We do not know how much fabric is needed for your product! Cuts of fabric are not subject to exchange and return. If you need a probe — buy 0.1 m, it is not expensive.