Front toe-plate No. 6 mint condition

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Original front iron-plates made in the Third Reich. Mint, new condition. Number 6 only in stock!

They were widely used for soldier's shoes. There were samples without such plates. However, in practice, they greatly help when walking through mud.

Price for 1 piece (1 pair of shoes needs 2 pcs.). The photographs show the condition of the iron-heels, we have quantities of iron-heels in stock. You will receive exactly those that you see in the photo or others in the same condition.

We offer here only 3 sizes of iron-heels:
• No. 5 (dimensions approximately 6х2,2 cm),
• No. 6 (dimensions approximately 6х2,5 cm),
• No. 7 (dimensions approximately 7х2,5 cm).

The size you need to choose before buying. If any size cannot be selected, then it is not on sale (ended).

How to choose the size?

The size of the iron-plate is related to the length and width of the shoe. The number of the iron-heels is a rather arbitrary unit, you do not need to take it very seriously. On the site in the section "collector's guide" there are examples of original German shoes. Numbers on plates up to the 6 are suitable for shoes of the size up to the 43, and from the 6 — larger than 43, respectively.

Why did we make no correspondence table? Because the iron-heels were different, and there are exceptions! When tailoring shoes to order nowadays, a shoe maker usually designs the sole keeping in mind sizes of the iron parts.