3 mm red rubber

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Red silicone rubber 3 mm thick. Not afraid of deformation, heating, solvents. From this material, you can cut out the gasket of the shape that you need: on a canister, water tank, food thermos, etc.

The price for a piece is 5x5 cm. We cut any pieces (write the size in the comments to the order). The price for a piece of your size is obtained from the number of pieces of 5x5 cm that fit in this size. For example, a piece of 10x15 cm is 6 times 5x5 cm, that is, the price is 6 times more. If you are not sure that you calculated correctly, contact us in any way, we will help!

How to work with rubber? In order to cut the gasket, you can use a sharp knife, scissors (with scissors the result will be rougher) or a specially made cutting (metal cutter in the shape of a future gasket with sharpened edges). For finishing, you can use a sand-paper or a sharp knife.

We do not make gaskets to order and do not provide tools for their manufacture. Only red rubber is sold here as a material.