T-shirt gray — grenade M24 print

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A gray cotton t-shirt with a print (image) of a German hand grenade of World War 2, model 1924 (Stielhandgranate 24).

T-shirt of premium quality (dense 150 g/m² fabric of pure cotton, not thin, pleasant to the body). T-shirt is long enough, it closes the lower back when you tilted. The full-color image shows a general view and a cut of the grenade. All main parts inscripted in German (the original language of the manufacturer of such grenades). Also a brief technical data provided. The image is based on the original German drawing. The author image is unique, used nowhere else and sold only in our shop!

Original drawing of the grenade and the cover of the book Infanteriedienst ("infantry service", manual for infantry weapons and tactics), "Offene worte" publishing, Berlin, 1935. Picture from nakop.ru, user artemss (the link may be broken if the owner has deleted the object).

Original drawing of the grenade and the cover of the book Kraftfahr-Fibel ("automotive primer", manual for military drivers), the same publisher and year. Picture from allegroexpress.ruuser  wydraR (the link may be broken if the owner has deleted the object).

The image is bright, dense, and will remain so untill you follow washing conditions: machine washing only turned inside out, at a temperature of 30-40° C, tumbling at 600 rpm (no more), ironing from the inside only. If you wash at a high temperature or iron on the image — it is easy to damage the image.