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T-shirt in camouflage "Birch" (Beryozka), summer version (warm shades of green and yellow). Suitable as civilian clothing for outdoor enthusiasts, reenactors, archaeologists, hunters, fishermen and anyone who likes camouflage and military history. And also as an addition to any other camouflage clothing.

Camouflage "Birch" can be of various shades. In this version, the colors are more yellow, which is suitable for sunny summer weather and dense deciduous forests of the middle lane.

The fabric is light and dense, good for hot weather and for cold weather (like underwear). For the pattern, dyes that are stable and safe for health are used, so the T-shirt will retain its brightness for a long time with active wear and washing (see care recommendations at the end of the article).

The fabric is breathable natural cotton with a density of 160 g/m², not synthetics! Synthetic T-shirts are 2 times cheaper, but they are useless as underwear and in the heat, the body melts in synthetics, it sticks unpleasantly to the skin, the fabric quickly becomes covered with lints. Our "Tee" is made of natural fabric, does not cause allergies, it breathes and allows moisture to evaporate well, it is not hot.

Type of knitwear weaving — stockinette structure; this fabric stretches well in width and almost does not stretch in length, so the T-shirt is comfortable during physical activity, and retains its shape.

The T-shirt has an O-shaped collar trimmed with a rib knit matching the color of the fabric. Rib knit is a denser elastic fabric that retains the shape of the collar and does not rub the neck. The edges of the sleeves are finished with tucking.

We also have other colors available, see Related Products below.

How to care?

The T-shirt can be washed in the washing machine like any other cotton T-shirt. The recommended washing temperature is 40° C, dry in a straightened form. To keep the colors bright for as long as possible, it is recommended to turn the T-shirt out before washing (wash inside out). This is especially true for old washing machines, the scale formed in them over the years, quickly spoils colored products.

Since knitwear is practically wrinkle-free, it is not necessary to iron it. But if ironing is still required, then you should observe the temperature regime - no more than 110 ° C.

Historical reference.

Camouflage KZM-P or "Birch" appeared in 1957 and was used for camouflage overalls of the border and landing troops. After 1980, the pattern spread to jackets and trousers of various parts of the KGB (Russian-language abbreviation for State Security Committee). Nowadays, it has become widespread among the civilian population and is popular today for outdoor activities (tourism, orienteering, hunting, fishing, airsoft, etc.).

Camouflage "Birch" is also called "sunbeams", because it is ideal for deciduous forests and swamps in the summer. Historically, different shades were used for camouflage suits according to nature, where they were planned to be used. And until now, such camouflage exists in several versions. Chaotic spots can be gray, yellow, white or brown. The background is various shades of green or olive.

This camouflage is also called "digital" for its "pixelated" pattern. Spots of an angular-stepped shape break the silhouette of a person. Historically, the USSR began to use "digital" camo patterns long before the USA created ACUPAT or Digicam camouflage. Source: textiletrend.ru