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T-shirt in camouflage Splinter (Splittertarn). Made exclusively for the Replika shop, not available anywhere else. Suitable for reenactors as civilian clothing, for military archaeologists, hunters and anyone who likes German camouflage and the history of the Second World War.

The T-shirt is made of 100% cotton, not cheap synthetics. Aynthetic T-shirts are 2 times cheaper, but they are useless as underwear and in the heat. Our "Tee" is made of natural fabric, it breathes, it is not hot. The fabric is dense, but light. Camouflage resistant to light and washing, see the recommendations for care. at the end of the article.

The T-shirt has an O-shaped (standard) collar and a good width to ensure freedom of movement. All our T-shirts have an increased length compared to standard T-shirts, so that the back is not exposed when bending. We have other models in this color, see below in the Recommended products.

The camouflage pattern (print layout) was developed by a specialist after analyzing a number of original raincoat tents. This is not just a "similar" camouflage, but a neat copy, taking into account all the features of this pattern.

The photo shows our T-shirt (one of the samples) and the original Zeltbahn tent. Please note that the tent is unstitched to show the real original color (not that faded over a long time of use). The colors and camouflage pattern on the T-shirt clothely match the original.

The original camouflage was disassembled into components, and then reassembled when printing, it is not just a "scan". Examples of such analysis are below.

Two pieces of different original Zelts. It can be seen that their camouflage pattern differs both in the size of the spots and location (the distance between them). Chalk marks shows where the spots should coincide. The photo on the right shows that the distance between the same spots on different fabrics differs by 1.5 cm. Too much for shrinkage (because the reason for this is not shrinkage, but the difference in the patterns on the print rolls). Most likely, the fabrics were made in different factories, although they are extremely similar at first glance, and the difference is not noticeable without a ruler.

The pattern of the "pine needles" or "rain stroke" on the Splinter camouflage does not coincide in length with the pattern of large spots. Therefore, the pine-needles are constantly shifting relative to spots, and the final pattern is never repeated! Moreover, the pine-needles pattern does not repeat across the entire width of the canvas. Many manufacturers neglect this, as this requires additional attention and manufacturing costs. They take a small piece of camouflage (a square with a side of half a meter, for example) and loop it on all sides. We have a completely different level of camouflage manufacturing! Our camouflage really works, and does not imitate camouflage.

On the left it is shown how the scheme of "blind spots" on the "pine needles" is created. Strokes are not solid rain wall! They form spots of a certain shape. The camouflage of our production is shown on the right: the blue arrow shows the repetition of “blind spots” on the pine needles, the pink arrow shows the repetition of large spots (the length of the arrows differs). The yellow arrow indicates that the large spots pattern is repeated with a slight slope, and the pattern of the pine needles does not coincide with it and is not repeated in width as well.

We do not have a lot of such T-shirts, do not hesitate to buy. If a certain size is sold out, it will not appear soon. The decision on the production (or non-production) of a new batch will be made later. Perhaps we will have other colors next year.

How to care?

The T-shirt can be washed in the washing machine like any other cotton T-shirt. The recommended washing temperature is 40° C, dry in a straightened form. To keep the colors bright for as long as possible, it is recommended to turn the T-shirt out before washing (wash inside out). This is especially true for old washing machines, the scale formed in them over the years, quickly spoils colored products.