Internal suspenders reinforcement for hooks

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A pair of slings to hold the waist belt on the jacket. The strap is inserted in special holes in the lining of the jacket, the lower ends clinging to the small hooks sewn into the jacket (to lock it, these small hooks are absent on the most replicas), and the hooks for a belt pass through the holes. The sling allows you to maintain the belt in the absence of an Y-strap, but do not tear and stretch the field jacket. Length straps (between the end hook holes) 114 cm (3'8"). Hooks should be placed under the lower rib.

Price per pair (set for 1 jacket). Hooks are sold separately.

Historical reference.

The system of internal suspenders lasted until 1942. Later the ends of such slings sewn directly to the jacket still in the factory. And the middle parts become unnecessary and used as reinforcement parts for backpacks.

Original slings were canvas webbing and woven as a whole. Nowdays to reproduce this method of weaving is extremely difficult, so woven copies do not exist, they only made out of tarpaulin.