Field pants trousers M40 variant 2

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How to choose the size?

It is enough to choose only the waist. Other sizes are dependent and are given for reference. The length should be checked for people with a height below 170 and above 190 cm.

• The waist on these pants is high and is at the level of the lower rib. The waist should be measured on the naked body with a flexible meter or string. The waist in the table shows the maximum; since the pants have ties at the back, it is perfectly normal to take trousers with a waist margin of 5 cm (minus 12 cm from the maximum girth can be pulled as much as possible). We do not recommend taking the waist back to back. Waist-to-back is good and beautiful when a person stands still. For active movements, squats in the waist should be a reserve.

• Waist (plosok — for comparison with similar pants that you have and suit you.

• Length along the inner seam — from the fork to the bottom along the seam of the trousers.

• Length along the side seam — from the top to the bottom along the outer seam of the trousers.

• The width of the pant leg at the bottom — along the lower section of the pant leg.

The match is true only for this product!
Size (INT|RUS)HeightWaist
(around), cm
(flat), cm
(ins. seam), cm
(side seam), cm
leg bottom, cm
S (48)179-18591 (-12)4670
M (50)179-185
94 (-12)487210522
L (52)179-185
97 (-12)
XL (54)179-185
101 (-12)5676
2XL (56)185-191105 (-12)527811126
3XL (58)185-191
109 (-12)628011328

Compliance of measurements is true for this product only! Divide centimeters by 2,54 to get inches. If you do not understand this table and you need help, write or call us, we will help you find the size.

You can choose a size that we have in stock. If the desired size is not available for, then it is not currently in stock.


The main clothes of the German soldier of the Second World War. Model 1940 is made of Feldgrau cloth. Used by the Wehrmacht and the SS.

The lining is white cotton, steel buttons. The cloth is slightly thicker than it was in the original, but for consumer properties it is rather better.

Historical reference.

From 1940, pants were made of feldgrau cloth (pale green color), from the same as the jacket. Prior to this, the Wehrmacht soldiers wore trousers of stone-gray cloth, which were still encountered in 1941.